Everyone of us must be having a big collection of wallpapers and would like to use it on your desktop/laptop. but how can you make sure that you can use all your wallpapers.

Here is what i did when i installed ubuntu and tried to work it out.

Drapes is the package which we will use to achieve our goal.

# aptitude install drapes

After installation, go to the “System –> Preferences –> Desktop Drapes”. In the notification area of your desktop, you can see one icon for the desktop drapes. Go to the icon and go to preferences. This will popup the configuration window for the drapes.Press ADD.

Ubuntu Desktop Drapes

Ubuntu Desktop Drapes

Add all the images from the folder you would like on your desktop. Press open after that.

In the other tab “General” you will see the settings you could configure in the way you would like the drapes to run on your system.

Ubuntu Desktop Drapes

Ubuntu Desktop Drapes

From here you can configure like whether you want drapes to start at the system startup, after how much time it will change the desktop wallpaper and if u want to monitor the wallpaper directory for the new additions of wallpapers.

Now you have your system ready to switch the wallpapers after every 5 minutes or else you can click on the icon of drapes in the notification area to change the desktop wallpaper at your wish.

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