The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces PostgreSQL 9.2, the latest release of the leader in open source databases. The beta release, which was announced in May, is praised by developers and vendors for improved performance, scalability and flexibility. Users are expected to switch to this version in record numbers.

Few lines from Ines Sombra, Lead Data Engineer, Engine Yard

PostgreSQL 9.2 will ship with native JSON support, covering indexes, replication and performance improvements, and many more features. We are eagerly awaiting this release and will make it available in Early Access as soon as it’s released by the PostgreSQL community.

With this release there will be increase in PostgreSQL’s ability to efficiently utilize hardware resources on larger servers. Advances in lock management, write efficiency, index-only access and other low-level operations allow the database engine to handle even larger-volume workloads.

Few numbers which came up after the performance testing are:

  • Up to 350,000 read queries per second (more than 4X faster)
  • Index-only scans for data warehousing queries (2–20X faster)
  • Up to 14,000 data writes per second (5X faster)

which totally explains the improve in performance.

Also, the addition of cascading replication enables users to run even larger stacks of horizontally scaled servers under PostgreSQL 9.2.

NewsBlur, a social news reader, relies on Postgres for storing millions of sites and subscriptions. Solid and reliable for years,” said Samuel Clay, founder of “We’re consistently on the bleeding edge (9.1 now, moving to 9.2 soon for the cascading replication alone) and it’s been a pleasure since 8.4.

Following are the useful links:

Downloads, including packages and installers
Release Notes
What’s New in 9.2
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