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Dropbox is one of best data sharing tool available right now. Lots of organizations are using it to share data across different machines and different platforms. But for this you should be ready to keep your data over the dropbox servers, which is not really acceptable in a lot of organizations and with lot of people. For that you need to have something on your servers, which you can monitor and control on your own. For that there are few open source solution are available but out of those, OwnCloud is something which I find most matured one available.

OwnCloud is a software suite that provides a location-independent storage area for data. The project was launched in January 2010 from KDE developer Frank Karlitschek to create a free alternative to commercial cloud providers. In contrast to commercial storage services, ownCloud can be installed on a private server at no additional cost.

Few of the features OwnClous includes are:

  • File Storage in conventional directory structure
  • Calendar
  • Task Scheduler
  • Music Streaming
  • Address Book
  • Encryption
  • User and Group administration
  • Bookmarking
  • Photo Gallery
  • File notifications
  • Versioning

All the features in detail can be found here: OwnCloud Features

The installation instruction for the same can be found here: Install OwnCloud

The clients for the different platforms can be found here: OwnCloud clients

Why should you prefer OwnCloud over Dropbox:

  • It’s open source, so you don’t need to pay anyone for anything to anyone, you just need a machine with some good storage.
  • Your all the data is with you, not residing at dropbox servers, so you know that all your financial data is safe.
  • You can have unlimited number of users at your server.
  • You will surely get a hike in your next appraisal :)


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