Though this is not my work, but still I would like to share this with all other fellows so that they could take the benefit of Tim’s hard work.

Hi there, my names Timofiend, or Tim as that’s my actual name, and this is my explanation of how I created the Xbox 360 and PS3 in a PC case mod. Its still a working title, as the project remains unnamed as of yet (suggestions welcome) I apologise in advance if I tend to ramble sometimes and randomly change subjects, but I will try to keep it as ordered and clear as possible. Also sorry it took a day or two longer than I said it would to get this online, I moved house yesterday and did not have much time to write up. Also I have no internet at this new house, so I have a wireless tether to my phones 3g connection -which made uploading photos a nightmare. I hope I manged to let everyone know who asked to be notified, sorry if I missed you I had a very long list of people to message and was rather tired when I wrote it.

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