Soon after the Tatas stunned the world with a Rs 1 lakh car, Nano, Hyundai stated its intention to come out with a car that could cost less than Rs 2 lakh and hit the road by 2011 and now, Maruti too is ready with Its small car. Suzuki is planning to replace the long lasting master kid “Maruti 800″ with the Japanese Suzuki Cervo which is the latest small car recently launched in Japan.

Suzuki Cervo

Maruti Suzuki Cervo

The small car is all set to hit the road in the mid of year 2010. There is a high possibility given a Cervo was spotted testing in India a few months ago. Maruti is planning to fit Cervo with 660cc engine, making it very close to 624 engine of Nano. The car is expected to come in the price range of 1.5 Lakhs which is a little bit higher than the Nano which is around 1.25 Lakhs. With it, Suzuki hopes to provide the most formidable competition to date to Ratan Tata’s dream project.

This car will be offering 50+ BHP and 64Nm of torque out of 660cc petrol engine instead of Nano offering 35BHp and 48 NM of torque with their 624cc Engine, which will give this car an upper edge. At the same time Cervo is expected to come with geared setup and front wheel driving. “Our car will be far more fuel-efficient than any car in the segment,” Oishi said.

Suzuki Motor recently launched this mini car Cervo in Japan, which is powered by a 660cc engine offering 54 bhp. Its turbo-charged variant offers 60 bhp, more power than the Alto and the Maruti 800 and meets Japan’s 4-star emission standards and exceeds the 2010 fuel economy standards by about 10%.

Now lets hope that Suzuki don’t price this car aggressively. If Suzuki will be able to price this car as expected then it’s going to be a big trouble for Tata Nano.


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