This article will help you to upgrade your currently installed version of Fedora, to the latest version or whichever higher version you want.
The main advantage of upgrading by this method is that, you can do your work simultaneously while the system is preparing for the upgrade.

Step 1: Become root

# su -

Step 2: Use “yum” to upgrade your existing system (optional)

# yum upgrade

Step 3: Execute the preupgrade command

# preupgrade

Step 4: Preupgrade Wizard will pop-up, select “forward” (see image below)

Step 5: In the drop down box, Select the version of the Fedora you wish, to be and click the “apply” button.(by default, latest one will be selected. See image)

After this system will automatically start downloading the required rpm’s for the upgrade. It will also take care of your extra repo’s. Once system has finished downloading it will prompt you “reboot” your system.

Step 6: Reboot your system.

# reboot

If everything goes well, your system will be booted to a new version.

On some system’s, preupgrade will not work as desired. In that case you need other upgrading methods.

Preupgrade requires space in “/”, “/boot”, “/usr” etc. filesystems. Make sure you have enough space available. Space required depends upon the specific system.

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