Ubuntu 12.10 is released, and they saysUbuntu

Avoid the pain of Windows 8.
The all-new Ubuntu 12.10 is out now.

Now what could have been a better quote than this :)

So, Few of the features which are included in the latest release are:

  1. Web Apps: Apps like facebook, gmail & flickr can now be pinned down to the Launcher, and you can just start them with a click.
  2. Online Search: The dash, in which you used to search the contents of the ubuntu machine, now when you type, Ubuntu will search your local content, as well as google for the search results.
  3. Dash Previews: Searching google is not the only thing which Dash would do, but it can also preview the search results at the same time. Preview an album in the Ubuntu One Music Store and you’ll get the option to play tracks straight from the preview and when you preview an app in the Ubuntu Software Centre, you can install it with just one more click.

How to Upgrade:

You can upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10 by following this document – Upgrade Process

Download Ubuntu 12.10 from here.

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