I am sure most of the people out there are having trouble with their monitor going to sleep or in screen saver mode while they are watching movies or flash videos on sites like hulu.

So, here is the solution. Like the same way you keep your body up with caffeine, here is some caffeine for your monitor too. This new app, Caffeine will stay in your system tray and will make sure that you enjoy your videos and will prevent your monitor from going to sleep.

Caffeine is written using GTK for the user interface, so it’s very GNOME friendly, but it can be used on any Linux OS. It works pretty well on Ubuntu as well.

Here are few screen-shots for the same:


Caffeine installed but deactivated

To activate the caffeine, you can single click on the icon OR if you want it to be active for some specific period of time then right click on the icon and set the time period for which you want the caffeine to be active.


Caffeine installed and Activated

Caffeine is highly customizable as well. Right click on the icon and go to preferences

You can set the various options over here, like whether you want to start the caffeine every time your system restart, activate the caffeine for flash videos, or activate the caffeine when there is some specific application running.


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