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Apache v2.4 Released

After a long waiting period of six years, Apache, the number One HTTP/WEB server used today, announced the release of Major update, version 2.4. Apache is currently serving more than 400 million websites around the world, which includes almost 60% of active domains.

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Configure or Remove ETags in Apache/HTTP

There are various steps you can perform to optimize your site. One of them is to put some sort of cache/expiry mechanism so that if some client visits your site the second time then they need not to download the whole data, instead of that they just need to download the data which is changed respective of their last visit.…

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As my site is getting heavy day by day so few days back i thought of putting on http compression on my site. I did a little research and find out that i could use two modules to achieve my goal:

  • mod_gzip
  • mod_deflate

But what i didn’t find is the difference between these two modules and which one i could …

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Setup Apache, Mysql and PHP on SUN Solaris

My last post was about the installation of Apache, PHP and Mysql on linux platform but recently i was looking for some document which could explain the installation of these open source applications on the solaris machine.

I found a lots of blogs/posts for the same but most of them are outdated and not completely explained.

But this article shows …

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Install Apache, Mysql & PHP on Linux

When i had been asked to install apache, mysql and php in my first job then it had been really hard for me to find a proper article which i could follow blindly and could install the stuff without wasting much time (which you usually don’t have in your first job).

So i thought of writing one full fletched article

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