Linus torvalds has finally released Kernel 3.4.

“Sure, I always wish for the -rc’s to calm down more quickly than they ever seem to do, but I think on the whole we didn’t have any big disruptive events, which is just how I like it. Let’s hope the 3.5 merge window is a calm one too,” he wrote in his announcement.

The new Kernel includes substantial updates to the BTRFS file system and new support for graphics hardware from Nvidia, Intel and AMD, including AMD’s Trinity and Radeon HD 7000-series, NVIDIA’s Kepler stack. The release also includes the Yama security module, support for the x32 ABI, asymmetric multiprocessing support, the dm-verity device mapper target, and more.

Official announcement can be read here.

Read more detailed information about the release over here.

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