This is a very recent problem I faced while working on mongodb.

I took a dump at one machine with mongodump, like this:

$ mongodump -h

After moving the dump to another machine, when I tried to restore the dump using this command, I get the following error:

$ mongorestore dump

Thu Oct 11 21:12:52 going into namespace [test.napster]
62502551/759743785 8%
92379177/759743785 12%
93983613/759743785 12%
104989546/759743785 13%
120874008/759743785 15%
129525355/759743785 17%
got an object of size: 11994113 terminating...
assertion: 10264 invalid object size

I did a lot of research, read lots of options given on few sites, but none of them really worked for me.
Later on, I figured that it might be because, the data could possibly be corrupted.

As it’s clear from the error that, the db name is “test”. Then I went back to the host from where I earlier took the dump and ran this command on the mongo prompt.

> use test
> db.repairDatabase();

This will take sometime, depending on how big your database could be and how powerful your machine is. Once it’s completed, take the dump again and restore it. I am pretty sure that it will work.

Hope this helped.

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