YouTube has come to define the new era of online videos. YouTube is something which needs no introduction – if you’ve ever watched a video clip on the web, chances are it’s hosted on YouTube. There are scores of add-ons, plug-ins and third party tools to turn YouTube into a real entertainment hub. These are few hacks for the youtube which you could use in your daily life and could get the best out of YouTube.

  1. Watch high quality videos in YouTube: By simple adding &fmt=18 in the end of the URL, you can jump to the high quality version of the video even if there is no HQ button present.At the same time appending &fmt=22 in the end of the URL will take you to the high definition version of the video.At the same time if you want to embed high quality videos in your web page, the for that in each of the URLs in the embeddable code you get from YouTube, add &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 to the end of URL.
    &fmt=6 increases the resolution from 320×240 to 448×336, Flash 7 video @ 900Kbps; audio @ 44.1KHz 96Kbps Mono CBR.

    &fmt=18 increases the resolution to 480×360, H.264 video @ 512Kbps; audio @ 44.1KHz 128Kbps Stereo. Note, the bandwidth may be lower, but it’s utilizing a more efficient compression codec.

    &fmt=22 increaes the resolution to 720p HD video if the source was uploaded at a high enough resolution.

  2. Watching Blocked Videos/Escape international video restriction: Lots of time YouTube restricts users around the world wide networks based on location and timings. There is a simple work around for this.
    Most of the links in YouTube looks like this:
    Now what needs to done is to change the URL from the above to the given down below
  3. Advancing the video to a specific playback point: Want your friend to watch the interesting part only in the video skipping all the boring stuff, YouTube now features the option to jump to a certain time in the video directly by adding a timestamp hash to the URL. For example:

    adding #t=1m54s to the end of the URL will force the video to start playback at 1 min 54 seconds.

    Think of this as bookmarking your video clips!  Now you can link to a video, and have an index of the segments included, which link right to that precise moment!

These were the real YouTube hacks for which you don’t need any sort of software of third party tools. But there are lots of other stuff which you can do with YouTube with the help of some third party tools. These hacks are explained below:

  1. Bypass country restrictions: Not able to access YouTube video due to yout current location. Try installing any proxy program like Proxy Way. Once installed, open the configuration settings of the software and remove all the proxy settings which you don’t want to show to YouTube. Now enjoy all the videos which are not allowed in your country/region.
  2. Don’t want to use Browser: If you don’t like watching YouTube by your browser then you can try out Miro, a standalone player which have the ability to search and play the YouTube videos.
  3. YouTube Greasemonkey scripts: If you are a firefox user then greasemonkey is one of the very best addons you must be using. There are lots of greasemonkey scripts present on the web which could make your stay pleasant and comfortable on YouTube website. One which i use is this: YouTube Enhancer.
  4. Embed YouTube video on websites: Each YouTube video has code you can cut and paste into any web page or supported blog (switch to HTML view in your blog editor prior to pasting). If you have a YouTube account, you can even set up playlists, which in turn can be easily embedded into your web pages in the same way.
  5. Download YouTube Video to your Hard-Drive: TO download the videos to your hard-drive you can either use the grease-monkey plugin which gives you a option on the web-page itself to download the video or else you can YouTube File Hack or Better YouTube (specifically for Firefox).
  6. Extract audio from YouTube video: Want the audio of a video you are watching on the YouTube, use this tool vidtomp3.
  7. Movies on YouTube: Don’t want to go out and rent out of buy a DVD for some movie. Watch the complete movies on YouTube movies now.
  8. Check out the latest technology: If you want to know about the latest innovations happening in the YouTube world then TestTube is the best site you will be visiting and checking out the latest stuff before they launch or anyone else come to know.
  9. Subscribe to Someone When You Can’t: YouTube accounts without video don’t have a subscription option. To get around this, use this code, substituting the profile name where I have “napster”

***If I miss something then don’t worry, I AM STILL UPDATING***


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