I am not sure what are the possible causes for this issues, but I faced this issue when my disk space went full on my jenkins machines. Once the disk space is full, jenkins puts the master node in offline mode and all the builds went into pending state.

The real confusion came when I cleared the disk space and still the builds were in pending state. I looked around and took sometime to understand that that I need to instruct Jenkins to put the master node into online mode manually.

So to fix that I followed the following process:

Go to Jenkins URL –> Manage Jenkins –> Manage Nodes

After reaching here you will find a master node, which should be alerting in red about the disk space. Just click on “Refresh Status” and at least all red alerts will go off and it should show that it have ample disk space available, but still your master node is in offline mode.

Further to this, click on the “Master node”

Once you reach there, there will be a button in the right corner of the page, which should say “Bring this node back Online”.

Just click on this and your master node should be back online and should start builds. Hope this was helpful.

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