This could be the one of the very big news for linux lovers that now you will be able to run Android on iPhone successfully. As everyone know that Apple developed one of the very best mobile operating system for iPhone but may be that wasn’t working for few people who later on decided to make something which could install Android (Google’s mobile operating system) on iPhone.
When the talks started, lots of people was very much sure that it’s not possible to run android on iPhone, but David Wong, also known as “planetbeing”, proved it wrong and he finally achieved what many geeks have been dreaming from long.

Below is the video of given by David Wong in which he explained how to install Android on iPhone step by step:

In the video, Wong shows the full procedure and compatibility of the iPhone and the Android platform working together. The package although works only on iPhone 3G and not 3GS. The best part in the package is that you will get a dual boot screen after the installation and you can choose the operating system in which you would like to boot your iPhone.

This isn’t the first time that Linux and the iPhone have met. Back in ’08, people from the iPhone hacking world managed to successfully get Linux to boot on to the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and the first generation iPod touch.


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