Every file, folder, application or volume is represented by a unique icon in mac. All icons will look good for sometime but after that they becomes boring and need to change the icons for all these rises.
Changing icons in mac becomes really easy once you know the procedure.
This can be accomplished by couple of ways:

Manual Way:

To change an item’s icon to another one you have to follow this procedure:

  1. Select the volume, application, folder, or file whose icon you want to stamp onto another, just click the icon to select it.
  2. From the File menu, choose Get Info or press Command-I to open the Info window.
  3. Click the icon in the upper-left corner of the Info window to select it. From the Edit menu, choose Copy or press Command-C.
  4. Select the volume, application, folder, or file whose icon you want to replace.
  5. From the File menu, choose Get Info or press Command-I.
  6. Click the icon in the upper-left corner.
  7. From the Edit menu, choose Paste or press Command-V to replace the icon.
This is the manual way by which you could change the icons but it comes out to be really boring and time taking if you want to change icons very frequently.

3rd party tool:
To change the icons in fast and efficient way, you can use third party applications. There are few which available:

  • Candybar – This is a very nice application which is available to change the folder, documents, Dock and application icons. This application could even change the complete DOCK for you. But there is one drawback for this application ….. You have to purchase this. To skip this part you can skip this point and could go to the next one. Still if you want to try this application and would like to buy if you like it then you can download the evaluation copy form from the links given down.
  • Liteicon – This is a freeware which i find and which could do nearly all the stuff which candybar can do but lacks only one functionality that it can’t change the application icons. But i think it’s much better if you save some money and change the application icons manually.
Liteicon – http://mac-free.com/download/Litelcon.html
Candybar – www.panic.com/candybar

If you find this interesting and looking for some more icons to put in your system then you can get a lots of third party ma icon creators on net. Some of the sites where you can look at the collection are down here:

  • InterfaceLIFT—This site offers over 775 icon sets in a wide range of subjects. You will surely get something which you like.
  • The Iconfactory – This site one site which contain largest mac icons archives, plus it features IconBuilder, which lets you create your own icons.
  • Pixelgirl Presents—This site contains hundreds of OS X icon sets that cover classic graphic icons to funky looking stuff. There desings are so attracting that you are going to find something over there
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