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GNU Screen – Advanced Tutorial

The Basic working of the screen is already explained in my previous article and if you are not really looking for advanced screen features, you should look at my previous screen article. The link for the same is: Basics of GNU Screen

But there are a lot of advanced features which screen provides which might come handy in a lot of scenarios. I will be explaining them under.

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How To: Delete a partition using Fdisk utility in Linux

Q. My System have got two partition which i would like to delete and create one big partition. Now how would i delete the partition and create a one big partition ?

A. Fdisk is the utility which we will be using for this example. Though there are other options also like parted/gparted and use of them depends totally on personal preference. For Fdisk, you need to provide the device name as an argument.

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You got a new hard drive and attach it to your laptop/desktop but before you can use it, you need to partition and format the hard drive. This can be done with a series of easy steps. This is a small and easy tutorial which will show you how to use fdisk, one of very famous utility for disk partitioning.

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