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How to: Setup Nagios Center : NagCen

In the world of open source, when it comes to monitoring, Nagios is the most preferred choice. But managing multiple Nagios screens can be a daunting task. while looking for a simple solution i came across NagCen.

NagiosCenter is a centralized viewer to show data of several (more than one) Nagios server spreaded in different networks. It uses therefore a parser in python and also an PHP Mysql Web-fronted.

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HipHop for PHP project from Facebook

Today, Facebook shared one of its cool project – HipHop for PHP.

What is the use?
HipHop can reduce the CPU usage at the server even by 50% depending on the page executing PHP code. Reducing the overhead this way, it can help in scaling complex php websites. As per Facebook latest news, HipHop has shown incredible results for Facebook.…

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Setup Apache, Mysql and PHP on SUN Solaris

My last post was about the installation of Apache, PHP and Mysql on linux platform but recently i was looking for some document which could explain the installation of these open source applications on the solaris machine.

I found a lots of blogs/posts for the same but most of them are outdated and not completely explained.

But this article shows …

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Install Apache, Mysql & PHP on Linux

When i had been asked to install apache, mysql and php in my first job then it had been really hard for me to find a proper article which i could follow blindly and could install the stuff without wasting much time (which you usually don’t have in your first job).

So i thought of writing one full fletched article

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