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TechTip: GPT – GUID Partition Table

GUID partition table (GPT) was first introduced as a part of the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) initiative. GPT provides a more flexible mechanism for partitioning disks than the older Master Boot Record (MBR) partitioning scheme.

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cTime vs mTime vs aTime

This is once again very commonly asked question in most of the interviews. Usually it start with different question like "What is a inode structure or what information is available in a inode?" and then it gets pulled to the questions that "What is the different between cTime, mTime and aTime". Though it is pretty straight forward but sometime it gets confusing.

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Screen – Linux Administrator’s Best Friend

I know most of you have already heard about screen, but for those who haven't, it is one of the best thing you could know and work with, being in this field. Everyone of you must have run through the scenarios where you are running a time consuming task on a remote server and your internet connection drops in between, you might have to run something and check the logs on the console later on, you want to give a small training to a remote person but can't show them how to do things. These are just few problems where screen will come to the rescue.

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How To : Print Linux man & info Pages

I had heard this question a lot of time and also seen people struggling to take the printout of Linux man pages, instead of the fact that it is one of the very simplest task.

This can be done in a series of steps or in one single steps. I will be explaining both here.

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Tech Tip: Caffeine for Your Monitor

I am sure most of the people out there are having trouble with their monitor going to sleep or in screen saver mode while they are watching movies or flash videos on sites like hulu.

So, here is the solution.

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