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Tech Tip: Convert MP3 files to WAV in Linux

Although MP3 is the most commonly used format for the audio files around the world, but sometimes there are circumstances where we need a WAV format for a application, for example “Kalarm”. Now, this can be simply accomplished using “mpg321” utility. If your system does not have this utility installed, then it can be easily installed with YUM or APT-GET …

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Upgrade Fedora with preupgrade

This article will help you to upgrade your currently installed version of Fedora, to the latest version or whichever higher version you want.
The main advantage of upgrading by this method is that, you can do your work simultaneously while the system is preparing for the upgrade.

Step 1: Become root

# su -

Step 2: Use “yum” to upgrade

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Creating local YUM Repository(repo)

If you are working in an organization where you have lots of linux users and/or you have several computers to update via yum then you should consider creating a local repository. This will not even conserve bandwidth (updates are downloaded only once on the local reposotory) but it improves the speed of yum for installing additional programs as yum download …

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