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Ubuntu 12.10 released

Ubuntu 12.10 is released, and they says

Avoid the pain of Windows 8. The all-new Ubuntu 12.10 is out now.

Few of the features which are included in the latest release are:

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This limited edition ebook explains what systems engineering is and how it can help you simplify the development of smart, connected products. If you're looking for ways to expedite time-to-market, ensure business agility, and deliver high-quality smart products while cutting costs, this ebook is for you.

Download from Here: System Engineering for Dummies

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Download: GNU/Linux Advanced Administration HandBook

The Free Technology Academy had recently launched their new book “GNU/Linux Advanced Administration” which is mainly based on system administration skills. You will learn how to install and configure several computer services, and how to optimise and synchronise the resources. Additionally the FTA has developed a study guide and learning activities which are available for learners enrolled in …

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