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Upgrading the system is one of the very common tasks a Linux Administrator usually do. One can easily update the system with Yum or apt-get commands but the main problem which everyone faces is to reboot the system after a kernel upgrade. This comes out to be a big problem for small organizations, where one don't have High Availability setup and can't afford to reboot the system because of the upgrade.

Since reboots are disruptive, many system administrators delay the update of there patches and makes their system vulnerable to attacks. Below given is the frequency of reboots needed in the last year for respective flavors of linux.

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Configure Tata Photon Whiz On Ubuntu Linux

Tata indicom is offering unlimited surfing plus download at very affordable prices with their Tata Photon Whiz. Although it's at compromised speeds but still, it is unlimited. Configuring this card at windows is pretty much easy, as it is always with all other softwares. Within few clicks, your card will be working and you will be ready to browse net within sometime. but as always, configuring it on Ubuntu linux is not so easy but at the same time not so difficult too if you follow right steps. Below I will be explaining them.

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Though this warning looks pretty much scary but the reason for this is very much simple and the solution as well.

Q. When did you get this error ?

A. The possible reasons for getting this error are:

  • You have re-installed you system and trying to ssh to the newly installed system.
  • You have assigned the IP address of one system to another system and trying to ssh.
  • You system is dual boot with different ssh keys in both flavors of linux.
  • You are using an IP for load balancing and trying to ssh to the same IP.
  • You generated new ssh keys for your system. (Read this article for the re-generation of the host keys: Generate SSH host keys)
  • Someone trying to do some nasty things, or you can say man-in-the-middle attack.

There could be lots of solution for this problem, which are explained below:

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How To : Generate SSH Host keys

SSH is a service which most of system administrators use for remote administration of servers. When you install a fresh system, then at the start of the ssh service, it generates the host keys for your system which later on used for authentication. But if due to some reason you need to generate the host keys, then the process is …

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Ubuntu package management – dpkg

Dpkg is package manager for ubuntu/debian. It’s same as “rpm” is for redhat. Dpkg is used to build, install, remove and provide informations about ubuntu packages. dpkg itself is a low level tool which is used only to manage packages, instead of that APT is high level tool which could fetch the packages also from the remote locations and do …

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