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TechTip: Monitoring with kill

I am sure you all have used the kill command to kill or reload processes, but have you ever used to monitor the state of a process using kill command ? Most of the times, the answer will be NO.

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Password-Less SSH Login

SSH is the most trusted protocol used in today's world for remote logins and secure file transfers from one machine to another. There are three different ways of authetication when trying to login with SSH protocol:

  1. Password Based Authentication
  2. Key Based Authentication
  3. Host Based Authentication

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Deployments Automation with Capistrano

Deployments are a critical phase of any project. In the "stone age", developers used to simply scp the files required into production. And there used to be issues when you are dealing with multiple http servers. Keeping all the servers in sync was always the issue. Then capistrano came into picture. It made deployment of ruby/rails apps very easy. Me and a few other people went ahead and modified it to deploy code into production for php apps as well. But it was a tricky job since capistrano was originally designed to work for ruby/rails apps. Here is a sample capistrano code that sucks out code from svn and pushes it to multiple web servers - and then runs some specific post deployment tasks on them.

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