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HowTo: Install Teamviewer on Ubuntu

Teamviewer, One of the best remote control application. It lets you remotely access and troubleshoot PCs over the Internet / LAN. Team Viewer provides easy, fast and secure remote access to Linux, Windows PCs, and Macs. Free for personal use but have to pay for commercial use, though you can use the trial version there.

There are two ways to install it, either in graphics mode or in terminal mode. Both are explained down here.

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HowTo: Huawei E173 on Ubuntu

Recently I purchased few Huawei E173 modems for my organization. Configuring them on ubuntu was the next part which I need to take care of. There were couple of solutions available out there where i searched, but this one was the very basic one and didn't needed any special drivers or installation of any special software.

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How to: Setup Nagios Center : NagCen

In the world of open source, when it comes to monitoring, Nagios is the most preferred choice. But managing multiple Nagios screens can be a daunting task. while looking for a simple solution i came across NagCen.

NagiosCenter is a centralized viewer to show data of several (more than one) Nagios server spreaded in different networks. It uses therefore a parser in python and also an PHP Mysql Web-fronted.

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Password-Less SSH Login

SSH is the most trusted protocol used in today's world for remote logins and secure file transfers from one machine to another. There are three different ways of authetication when trying to login with SSH protocol:

  1. Password Based Authentication
  2. Key Based Authentication
  3. Host Based Authentication

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TechTip: Unlock More Space in Linux

In Linux, when you format a drive, then you don't get 100% space, instead of that 5% space is already reserved for privileged processes by default. The main reason why this is done, is that in case your filesystem gets full, still the system processes continue to work properly. So, it's not always so good idea to mess up with this space.

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