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TechTip: Monitoring with kill

I am sure you all have used the kill command to kill or reload processes, but have you ever used to monitor the state of a process using kill command ? Most of the times, the answer will be NO.

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TechTip: Email Alert on SSH login

To secure your machine, there are hundred different things you can do, but the most important thing is to know what's happening on your Machine. In that getting the alerts as soon as someone login is one of very important and must thing to do.

So, to do the same thing, you can go with two approaches:

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ETAGs vs Expire Headers

When it come to optimization of a site or web-server, ETAGs and Expiry headers are the two main things you should be looking at. ETAGs and Expiry headers will be used to understand by the client whether to fetch the latest file or not, but still there is a difference between these two and are used at different scenarios.

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GNU Screen – Advanced Tutorial

The Basic working of the screen is already explained in my previous article and if you are not really looking for advanced screen features, you should look at my previous screen article. The link for the same is: Basics of GNU Screen

But there are a lot of advanced features which screen provides which might come handy in a lot of scenarios. I will be explaining them under.

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mongorestore failed with error

This is a very recent problem I faced while working on mongodb.

I took a dump at one machine with mongodump, like this:

$ mongodump -h

After moving the dump to another machine, when I tried to restore the dump using this command, I get the following error:

$ mongorestore dump

Thu Oct 11 21:12:52 going into namespace [test.napster]

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