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Hack: Android on iPhone

This could be the one of the very big news for linux lovers that now you will be able to run Android on iPhone successfully. As everyone know that Apple developed one of the very best mobile operating system for iPhone but may be that wasn't working for few people who later on decided to make something which could install Android (Google's mobile operating system) on iPhone. When the talks started, lots of people was very much sure that it's not possible to run android on iPhone, but David Wong, also known as “planetbeing”, proved it wrong and he finally achieved what many geeks have been dreaming from long.

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Google Public DNS – Secure faster internet

Google introduced public DNS, where users can point DNS server IP to Google public DNS IP, which helps to surf the internet faster and secure.
Google Public DNS service is similar to OpenDNS which helps to surf the web faster.

  • Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers (or)
  • Read configuration

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Goggle releases Chrome beta for Mac OS X and Linux

More than an year back google launched it’s web browser “Chrome” with lots of great features like

  • Crash free app browsing
  • Smarter memory management
  • Quick navigation
  • New style of private browsing

But it was only for windows. I tried it on windows and was desperately waiting for it’s version on mac and linux.

And finally today google announced it’s announced …

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