Yamaha RX100Yes, yes … The most expected comeback may finally happen soon. India Yamaha Motors, a subsidiary of the Japanese biking giant which is gaining it’s market share very rapidly, is actively working on a relaunch of its once-popular model, the RX 100. Earlier, Escorts Limited partnered with Yamaha Motor Corp. in 1983 and launched yamaha RX100 in 1985.

This bike was a passion of the youngsters in the late 1980′s & early 90′s as the bike was very much reputed in it’s great agility, acceleration, low maintenance and various other factors.
Yamaha is actively working on various aspects of the bike like engine type and styling, however Yamaha will try to maintain the basic design of the earlier rx100, which will pull a lots of bikers. Recently it is heard that they are testing RX100 with FI.

Pankaj Dubey, national business head, India Yamaha Motor, said: “We are working on the lines of the RX 100 and are looking to have something of a similar product for India. It will be early to talk about it but we will come out with a product there.”

One of the reason that RX100 was phased out of Yamaha was the adoption of stricter emission control norms in the country.The RX 100 was a high polluter. Its two-stroke engine had a problem meeting the required norms, first brought about in the mid-1990s. So, in these conditions, bike owners have to either upgrade the engines to 4-strokes or either have to terminate the production of the bike and Yamaha adopted the later way of shutting down the production of RX100. Two stroke engine were preferred by the bikers because they offered higher power options and allowed the riders to ride their bikes at very low RPM in high gears.

Yamaha is targeting 10% share in bike market by 2012 from it’s current share of 3%. If Yamaha managed to launch the bike in the near future then surely that will boom the market share of Yamaha in the Indian bike market.

Performance  of previous RX100:

Performance specifications are as follows (per owner’s manual and workshop manual):

  • Acceleration: 0–60 km/h in 7 seconds.
  • Top speed: 100 km/h.
  • Chamber: 120Km/h.
  • stock+keninfilter: 120Km/h.

The gear ratios and torque curve are such that a well tuned bike with rider and pillion can do as low as 10 km/h in 4th gear without engine knocking. This bike can do much better than this if customized from experts.

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