Maruti Suzuki, the country’s biggest car makers by sale, is replacing fuel pump gaskets of one of its small car, the A Star, following reports of anomalies in the fuel tank.

Approximately 1 lakh cars, manufactured during a certain time frame, will get new fuel pump gaskets and O rings. An e-mailed reply from the company spokesperson said the company came across this issue last November as part of a regular quality monitoring process.

“In November 2008, we came across an anomaly reported in the fuel tank in some of the vehicles and by December 2009 we started contacting the customers. These vehicles belonged to lot made till August 22 2009,” the company spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added: “As a proactive step, we decided to check all vehicles from the lot, around 1 lakh units, including those exported. We are changing the fuel pump gasket and O ring at no cost to the customer. We are midway through the checking activity and hope to complete it soon,” although there is no fixed time line for the replacement.

Source: Economic times

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