Fiat is planning to move out Palio out of the market, which was one of the very best selling model, very soon. Fiat seems to follow the same thing they had done with Fiat Uno earlier. One of the reason for phasing out Palio from the market could be to create the space for their brand new Punto which is anyways very superior car. Though officials still says that the car is going to be around for a while and there are no plans for moving it out, but with only 50 units a month, this doesn’t really look so.

The second reason for phasing out Palio also could be the dip in it’s sales after other auto companies launched their vehicles in Palio segment. At the same, Maruti is also phasing out Maruti 800.

At the same Grand Punto which was launched in June last year, is running very smooth with around 1500 units per month, and which will surely increase after Fiat will add two enhanced variants- one is 1.2 ltr and other is sports variant.


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