The new Apache version includes a lot of new features, and as well as technical improvements. According to Apache developers, the new version will prove to be much more efficient and will consume much less resources in comparison to v2.2. One of the best improvements is that the multi-processing module system (MPM) has been improved in a such a manner that the desired module can be selected at runtime.

In the previous versions of the software, the desired module had to be selected during the configuration step of the build process. Now in the latest version, it is possible to select multiple MPMs during configuration and specify the one that should be used at runtime. This allows for more flexibility in Apache deployments.

There are few other enhancements like “Asynchronous support”, “Event MPM”, “General-purpose expression parser” which will help the way you can achieve things in Apache.

To know more about the new features and enhancements, read this.

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